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Train Connections from Zurich Airport and Basel Airport to Lucerne

After a flight and luggage at hands, we recommend taking a direct train (non-stop) from Zurich (ZRH) or Basel (BSL) Airport to Lucerne main train station. 

From Zurich Airport (ZRH)

These are the daily departure times of direct trains from Zurich Airport to Lucerne: 7:43h, 8:47h, 9:47h, 10:47h, 11:47h... 20:47h. The train ride will last a bit more than one hour, around 70 min. 

From Basel Airport (BSL) 

Should you be flying into Basel airport, please take a cab or the bus no. 50 to Basel SBB main train station, which will take you about 20 min, depending on traffic. From Basel SBB the direct trains to Lucerne depart as follows: 5:04h, 6:04h, 6:17h, 7:04h, 7:17h, 8:04h, 8:17h,... 21:04h, 21:17h, 22:02h, 23:02h, 00:02h, 01:01h. The train ride will last between 60 min (dep :04) and 70 min (dep :17).

All other train connections to Lucerne will require a train change. Please consult the online time table for all other connections.