Young Investigators Forum

The Young Investigators Forum is an activity offering a unique opportunity for young investigators to engage with thought leaders in carotenoid research in a small group setting that prepares them to expand their research. 

The Young Investigators Forum will provide an opportunity for collegial interaction with other young investigators and established senior investigators in carotenoid research. The forum will consist of didactic presentations and small group sessions covering key research updates, presentation skills, abstract presentations, and dedicated time for one-on-one discussions with the senior leaders. As active participants, the young investigators will have the opportunity to present their current research, provide feedback on each other's research proposals and present with senior faculty. The chairs, Rachel Kopec and Darwin Babino, will lead the forum and direct the content to meet the needs of the young investigators. 

Confirmed keynote speakers:

- Dr Loredana Quadro is an Associate Professor of Food Science and member of the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research. She received her B.S. degree from the School of Biology and Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology both from the School of Medicine at the University of Naples (Italy). Her postdoctoral training was in Nutritional Biochemistry at Columbia University in New York. Her laboratory primarily focuses on the study of the molecular, biochemical and physiological mechanisms that regulate the metabolism of vitamin A and b-carotene during mammalian embryogenesis, in both maternal and developing tissues. Dr Quadro has an extensive track record in the carotenoid/retinoid field and has mentored many young scientists as the transition into their own careers.  

- Dr Giovanni Giuliano is Research Director at ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development). He holds a Ph.D. in Plant Biology at the University of Pisa and did postdoctoral studies at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1985 he is involved in carotenoid research, initially on photosynthetic bacteria and then in plants. His main interests are on carotenoid biosynthesis in Solanaceae (tomato, potato), Rosaceae (Arabidopsis) and in apocarotenoid biosynthesis in Iridaceae (saffron). He has mentored over 20 scientists that have started their own research careers in the public and private sectors. He is Chair of the 2018 Gordon Conference on Carotenoids.

Young investigators candidates will be selected by a competitive abstract-submission process.